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1.        It has been quite some time since my last posting. Some might say that this blog has gone inactive. There was a comment from a viewer suggesting that I make updates on this blog .I ‘ve never thought this blog would capture attention from anyone at all.  I just believe that on this blog , I write my humble thoughts and ideas. Truly, I don’t expect people to follow them. 2.        During this “inactive” period, I occupied myself with programs and activities which I hoped would benefit people. During my small campaign for UMNO Divisional Election a year ago, I spoke of the elected committee should not sit idly on their titles but to strive and create activities that would benefit the communities. I also said that I was sick and tired of countless hours sitting at Mamak Restaurant lamenting about this, about that and what UMNO should do and finally ended up doing nothing! This is called the NATO culture (No Action Talk Only) and seemingly this culture has rooted deeply i