Monday, October 28, 2013


It has been a while since my last posting. Many developments had taken place since. For example, I was involved in the recent UMNO election where I contested for a place in Seremban UMNO comitee seat as well as for a ticket as a delegate to Perhimpunan Agng UMNO next November. I succeeded on both counts.

For record purposes, this is the third time I am holding a divisional post. First, back in 1999, i sat as a comitee member for Seremban UMNO Youth. Second, I was appointed as Division UMNO Youth Secretary in 2008. Unfortunately my reign as Youth Secretary was prematurely cut short as my service was terminated due to my refusal to condone to disrespectful and idiotic actions by the then Youth Chief.

In the recent UMNO electon, both the then Youth Chief and I offered ourselves as candidates. He registered his bid for Vice Chief post while I humbly registered for a Division comitee post. How did we both fare in the contest? Like I said earlier , I appeared as victor while he lost to the incumbent, Dato’ Hj Zakaria. He alleged that his defeat was due to sabotage acts of his own followers. In my humble view his allegation was a mere lame excuse of a sore loser. I verily believe the delegates had applied good judgments in selecting the right candidates. 

One more thing I feel worth to mention. In the contest for Divisional top post YB Hj Abu Ubaidah  succeeded as a victor, sidelining YB Dato’ Ishak by difference of 40 votes. I felt a little awkward learning this new turn of event because when I first joined UMNO back in 1993 YB Dato’ Ishak was already holding the Divisional top post and held the post for 25 long years. In fact,Seremban UMNO had grown synanimous to his name and reputation. He survived several attempts to wrestle the post from him during those long years until recently he lost the post to YB Hj Abu Ubaidah.

In the past, I admittedly say I had few disagreements in opinion and in principle with YB Dato Ishak but those disagreements never make me loose my respect to him as an UMNO leader.My view might be different than those of the delegates’. I still think YB Dato’ Ishak is still relevant and his stewardship is still very much needed to gear Seremban UMNO/BN up to face the challenges and to win during the Four-teenth (14)General Election. 

However, my frank thoughts are not shared by other delegates. They wanted change even though it meant changing only the Chief*. Now, a new face is at the helm of Seremban UMNO. Due time and opportunity, perhaps, should be given to him to prove himself worthy for UMNO Seremban’s stewardship. To all victors in the recent UMNO election would like to extend my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you all and hope that UMNO shall become stronger with your contributions and support. To those who did not win, this is not the end and truly there are al ways ways that you may contribute in view of strengthening UMNO for Fourteenth General Election.

 (* Note: Most of YB Dato Ishak’s commitee lineup were elected or re-elected)

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