Friday, November 4, 2011


1. “WHOA!” That was the first word blurted when I read the news about the program called SEXUALITY MERDEKA 2011 organized with the official tag of creating awareness to the public about LESBIANS, BISEXUALS, GAY & TRANSEXUALS (LBGT) and about their rights in leading their lives their own ways. I verily believe this is the first of its kind and frankly, this is the first time that I see such a program being organized in Malaysia.

2. Though this program received full support from several organizations like Bar Council and SUARAM yet many parties, religious bodies and Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) despised and protested to the organizing of such program. The protesting parties cried out and loudly said that it is not at all acceptable and in defying the divine ordain. Police reports had also been made and last I knew the police had declared a ban on such program.

3. A friend asked me for my personal opinion on this issue. His cynical tone really is sickening since I am a member of the Malaysian Bar.” Do you agree with your Bar Council move?” he asked. My quick answer is “Hell No!” Actually the Bar Council stand startled me. Bar Council consists of lawyers and lawyers have taken oaths to uphold the law. The law says unnatural sexual intercourse is an offence. It is so said in the Penal Code. So how come the Bar Council take a stand in supporting something that is against the law? Would not it be contrary to the oaths that we have taken?

4. Article 3 of the Federal Constitution says that Islam is the Religion of the Federation while other religions may be practiced with peace and harmony in the Federation. From the responses I saw in TV and in the newspapers all religious authorities in this country stand united in objecting the program, the rights and way of life that this program tends to promote. All said it is against the religion and against the moral that was divinely ordained. It is also against the nature for the creation of men and women. LBGT clearly violates these religious values. The very first doctrine of Rukunegara that must be subscribed by all Malaysian citizens is “Believe in God” and LBGT and their supporters have clearly disregarded this. So the question is “are they all atheists that they do not believe in God anymore?”

5. LBGT and their supporters might have said that they are doing this for championing LBGT human rights and freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Democratic Constitution of this country. In my personal opinion,lately in this country human rights and freedom of speech issues tend to be pursued to a wrong direction and definitely not the direction intended by the Constitution. Can we call it as our rights if by exercising them, we will hurt others? Can we ridicule and call names on somebody and we call it as freedom of speech? If that somebody strikes back can we blame him for assault since we were the ones who started the provocation?

Pictures of gay marriages in foreign countries. Several countries have allowed gay marriages on the pretext of human rights

6. The thing I know for sure, I don’t want any part of this, if this happens in Malaysia!

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